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Shorter Schwartz to Sestak: “So Pumped You’re Not Running for #PAGov”

Just came across this on Facebook, and thought it was pretty funny: Obviously I don’t think it’s anything sinister from Rep. Schwartz — but she clearly has no problem with sharing the fact that she is pumped about Admiral Sestak focusing his efforts … More after the jump

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Joe Sestak Forming Senate Exploratory Committee

If anybody else just got the email from Joe Sestak with the subject line, “Our Next Step” — like me, you thought, “Finally! We can figure out what Joe’s been working towards for the past two years.” We didn’t get much in … More after the jump

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Donors Giving Sestak Big Money for … Whatever

One of the most interesting things that’s happened so far with (partial) regards to PA Gov race was Joe Sestak’s raking in of $460,000 in the first quarter without announcing any candidacy for anything — which is technically more than … More after the jump

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Would You Have a Beer With Joe Sestak?

Philly Broadcaster says Joe Sestak seems like he’d be a great companion for drinks. If this the general consensus about politicians, it’s my belief that it is an insult to Sestak’s character to lump him in with such an insidious … More after the jump

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