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Multi-Family Housing Wants to Recover If Cities Let It

If you are a politician who wants to see the labor market recovery in your city, there’s a very easy thing you can do: whenever somebody wants to build an apartment, you let them do it:

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How Better Land Use Policy Can Help Ease PA’s Pension Crunch

Next year’s pension debate is mostly going to be about what happens with new public employees, since it would be illegal to break current employees’ contracts. As such, any reforms affecting future employees will not dent the truly massive amount … More after the jump

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5 Policy Changes To Make Life Better for Renters

It’s Renter’s Week at Curbed Philly, and I have a guest post up with 5 policy changes that would make life cheaper and easier for renters. Go check it out! Here’s one that’s relevant to the zoning changes in the dock today … More after the jump

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Kenyatta Johnson’s Plan for a Point Breeze Housing Shortage

Via Jan Ransom, Kenyatta Johnson’s wacky land grab plan has passed the Philly Council Rules Committee. Note that the list has narrowed to just 17 privately-owned properties, but it’s still a horrible idea: City Council’s Rules Committee approved today a … More after the jump

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What the Philly Parking Minimums Debate Is About: Growing Walkable or Choking Off Growth

Ashley Hahn has a great primer on what’s so wrong with minimum parking requirements in walkable neighborhoods over at the PlanPhilly blog. To put this in the context of what it all means for Philly’s development future though, I’d pair … More after the jump

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An Agenda for Fighting Income Inequality at the Local Level

Over at Next American City, Jake Blumgart is thinking about a local government agenda for reducing income inequality. I spend a lot of time thinking about this issue as well, since there’s a lot of wealth at the metro level, … More after the jump

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Darrell Clarke: Rolling Back Minimum Piano Requirements Would Unfairly Push the Cost of Pianos onto Pianists

To understand what’s wrong with Philly Council President Darrell Clarke’s bill to reintroduce parking minimums in some of the more walkable multifamily zoning districts, let’s go back to the “piano minimums” analogy: Everybody understands that if you required developers to … More after the jump

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How Philly Politicians Are Unwittingly Adopting the Land Use Toolkit of Suburban Segregationists

Jake Blumgart already blogged Nikole Hannah-Jones’ ProPublica piece on federal politicians’ failure to enforce the Fair Housing Act, and I have a new post up at Demos looking at the state and local policies that the FHA was supposed to … More after the jump

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Philly City Council Trying to Bring Back Everything Bad About the Old Zoning Process

Read the Philly Planning Commission blog, Jared Brey, Chris Sawyer and Sandy Smith for the details, but here’s the quick take on what’s wrong with the zoning changes Philly City Council members want to make. To understand the issue you … More after the jump

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More on Scranton Land Tax Reform

Gary Lewis likes the land tax idea for Scranton, but proposes a 4 mill tax on the purchase price of a property. This is similar to what Philadelphia is proposing to do with the Actual Value Initiative (AVI), where properties … More after the jump

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