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Captain Obvious Blogging: Yes, Ending the State Monopoly Would Mean More Consumer Choice

One of the sillier claims made by opponents of alcohol market liberalization is that allowing privately-owned stores to sell liquor would result in less selection: This would likely be true for rural areas, but for the vast majority of state … More after the jump

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The Motto: You Only Privatize Once

Lew Bryson is making an important point here that deserves to be popularized, so here goes: YOPO – You Only Privatize Once Basically the Turzai liquor privatization bill turned into a bad joke. Rather than eliminating regulatory rents, it further entrenched … More after the jump

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Fake Liquor Privatization Plan Gets a Vote Today

Randy LoBasso summarizes the sucky partial privatization plan that will apparently be getting a vote today: Last we checked in, the problem was putting together a General Assembly coalition of forces that’d get enough votes together to outnumber the clot … More after the jump

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Why the State Liquor Stores Will Never Be Run “Like a Business”

Probably the most obvious way to “modernize” the state liquor stores and run them “more like a business” is to actually compete with other businesses. Mary Wilson reports on some warped anti-competitive thinking from Jake Corman:

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Under PLCB “Compromise”, It’s Still Illegal to Buy Wine at a Grocery Store

My co-writer Jake has some nice things to say about the PLCB “compromise” legislation that’s under discussion, but I’m not persuaded. There are some ideas in there that aren’t terrible, however it does not address any of the core arguments … More after the jump

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Despite State Monopoly, PA is One of the Drunkest States

One of the things we learn from Richard Florida’s map of US binge drinking is that Pennsylvania’s state monopoly on alcohol sales and strict liquor licensing regime haven’t done anything to prevent PA from being one of the drunkest states … More after the jump

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LCB Liquor Pricing: You’re Doing It Wrong

People in different parts of the state like different kinds of booze.

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How the Cap on Liquor Licenses Emboldens Douchebags

My favorite blog post of the past week had to be The El Vee’s rant on The Firehouse, Douchiest Bar in the Valley Shuttered:

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State Republicans Making Life Harder For DIY Caterers

I recently got engaged, so I’ve been getting a crash course in the exciting world of wedding planning.

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Why You Can’t Buy Beer in PA Supermarkets

Scott Kraus does the liquor privatization debate a huge favor with this article on the politics of liberalizing PA’s beer laws.

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