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Balkanized Local Government and Political Inequality

All of you who are concerned about growing inequality in Pennsylvania really must read Cities Without Suburbs and Little Boxes, Limited Horizons (PDF) by David Rusk. But in the meantime, you should read this pair of articles in Governing magazine, … More after the jump

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1% County Sales Tax Back in Play

Chris Lilik points us to Josh Mrozinski in Scranton:

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Minnesota Lights the Way for PA on Municipal Consolidation

Here’s Nate Berg writing about what seems to be a not-so-contentious municipal consolidation process in Minnesota:

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Lower Macungie Looks to Create Police Department

Patrick Lester says superrich Galt’s Gulch Lower Macungie Township is getting ready to debate whether or not to stop mooching off the state police for their domestic policing needs:

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