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Election Surprises Brewing in Central PA?

It’s probably been decades since Democrats held any of the 20-plus state House seats in south central PA other than the 3 that are based in the cities of Harrisburg, Lancaster and York. (One exception that I know of: Jeff … More after the jump

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Constituents Get Tough on Barletta

He sure as heck won’t give his constituents a straight answer: (Can’t get the YouTube embedding to work, so go here!)

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Barletta is No Fan of Town Halls

Lou Barletta really doesn’t want to talk to you. That’s the message he’s been sending throughout his freshman term in Congress. He avoids town halls and generally prefers to be a speaker, rather than a listener. Common these days for … More after the jump

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Bought Off: Congressional Investigators Swimming in Exxon Donations

This morning, a Congressional subcommittee chaired by Rep. Bill Shuster is holding an investigatory hearing on the recent oil spill in Montana. Exxon executives are set to testify to the committee about the oil spill, but can we expect a … More after the jump

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Dems See Barletta as Vulnerable to Challenger

Congressman Lou Barletta, scourge of Mexican-looking immigrants legal and illegal, is increasingly seen as a top target by Democrats who believe they can take back that seat in 2012. It’s a Democratic stronghold, and most believe Barletta only won because … More after the jump

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Barletta Votes to Slash EPA Funds, But Wants More EPA Work Locally

This is classic. After voting to cut EPA’s funding, Congressman Lou Barletta is pissed that the EPA isn’t doing more work in Pittston. Oh Lou… when you want something done, you usually have to pay for it. If you hadn’t … More after the jump

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As Barletta and Marino Vote to End Medicare, They Hide from Voters

Really, Lou? I thought you were proud of all of your votes, xenophobic and otherwise. But as the GOP strives to take healthcare away from the elderly, Congressmen Lou Barletta and Tom Marino have come up with a novel new … More after the jump

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Mr. Barletta Takes Xenophobia to Washington

Congressman Lou Barletta (we blanche at just saying that) has taken his crazy to Washington and he’s ready to stop those illegal im’grants from taking your jobs and camping in your back yard! 

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