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Are Frackers Sucking PA’s Creeks Dry?

Yet another reason to dislike fracking: The commission allows drillers to withdraw up to 98 million gallons per day at 142 locations, though in reality, the industry uses far less than what it is allowed, the SRBC says. The permitted … More after the jump

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Cawley Rejects Idea of Fracking Severance Fees

Lt. Governor Jim Cawley authored an op-ed saying that fracking taxes would be bad for Pennsylvania. What if there was an industry that had 70,000 Pennsylvanians working in it – or providing supplies to it – and that industry was … More after the jump

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“Slow Reader” Corbett Has No Comment on Shale Report

Governor Corbett won’t be rushed, apparently, because he already doesn’t like what he’s heard. But he says he’s open to the concept of impact fees, though THEY CAN’T BE TAXES, because Grover Norquist will beat him with a sack of … More after the jump

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Corbett Balks as Shale Commission Backs Fracking Fee

The Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission has come back with its recommendations for how to manage fracking in PA, and they’re advocating for an impact fee to mitigate the environmental disaster that’s already taking place. Of course, they wouldn’t want to … More after the jump

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Industry-financed Study Says Fracking is Totally Profitable

An industry-financed study says that hydraulic fracturing is totally safe for the environment and people, and even better for the wallets of Big Energy. Actually, the study ignores any externalized costs to Pennsylvania and our citizens, focusing only on jobs … More after the jump

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Is Corbett’s Shale Commission Just a Shill Commission?

Love that headline from the Daily News this morning. Their scathing editorial attacks the commonwealth’s Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission as being just a tool of industry. As usual, the Corbett administration didn’t care about public input – they just wanted … More after the jump

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Environmental Chief Looks to Toughen Fracking Standards

The Corbett administration’s environmental chief is looking to toughen fracking standards in order to protect drinking water. That’s the easy way to write this story, and that’s how the Associated Press wrote it. But it doesn’t address how tough standards … More after the jump

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