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#PAGov: Marijuana is Pennsylvania Voters’ 15th Issue, Right Above “Other”

About a month ago, I got a lot of pushback from John Hanger supporters on my article, “Marijuana Is Not the #1 Issue.” 129 comments later, Hanger fans were extremely certain that it was in fact a major issue for Pennsylvania … More after the jump

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#PAGov: Marijuana Is Not the #1 Issue

John Hanger has made a noticeable impact in the 2014 Pennsylvania Democratic Gubernatorial Primary, despite being out-raised by the top-four candidates from approximately 2:1 to 13:1. As anybody who follows this race knows, Mr. Hanger has been defined by himself, the … More after the jump

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Toohil-Gate: Unanswered Questions, and Her Evasions – Will the Media Follow Up?

The travails of Tarah Toohil continue, in part because she has left unanswered questions hanging out there. There’s a lot for the media to follow up on – but will they?

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Anonymous Creator of Toohil Video Explains Why; Poses 3 Questions to Rep.

Hat tip to Jake Sternberger for alerting me to this — the anonymous creator of the Tarah Toohil video has posted a detailed statement today in the video’s caption about why he or she posted the video. Jake tweeted “Guy … More after the jump

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Toohil-Gate: It’s the Hypocrisy, Not the Possible Pot Use — and Why Is She Against Medical Marijuana?

About the widely viewed video montage of state Rep. Tarah Toohil (R-Luzerne County) (please note: I had nothing to do with creating or posting the video, and I have no idea who did, either) — Some people have been saying how … More after the jump

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Why Not Let Beer Distributors Sell Marijuana

Mark Kleiman’s students at UCLA have devised an ingenious plan for taxing and regulating marijuana at the state level that won’t provoke a massive federal crackdown. Hope this finds its way to Daylin. Full summary of the plan is after … More after the jump

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Abraham Says She Wasn’t The Pot Police

Former Philly district attorney Lynne Abraham defends her record on prosecuting marijuana possession, saying she wasn’t as stringent as has been accused: But drug-driven crime by use of any substance is, well, a criminal violation. ARD participants weren’t given any … More after the jump

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Briefly Noted

Philadelphia’s SAM (Small Amount of Marijuana) program has been a smashing success. Instead of prosecuting people caught with a less than an ounce of weed, the DA’s office sends them to a quick class on drug abuse. Sea change from … More after the jump