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Re-building America’s Welfare State

Presidential elections focus our attention on the current parameters of political conversation, which doesn’t suit the left particularly well. How much does Obama differ from Romney on abortion (a lot), the safety net (a lot, with disquieting wiggle room), or drone strikes … More after the jump

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Will Tom Corbett Opt Out of PA’s Medicaid Expansion?

If you read the supreme court ruling on the Affordable Care Act, the most basic way to describe the ruling is that the entire law was upheld with two caveats: The individual mandate is constitutional only under congress’ taxing authority … More after the jump

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GOP Proposes Shifting Money From Welfare to Universities

Republicans want to cut welfare… surprise! But this time, they’ve actually got a plan they think will make cuts more palatable – redirect the money to universities and schools. Because who could oppose education… right?

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