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Latest Veon Conviction Brings Count to 22

That’s right, with yesterday’s latest conviction of former Rep. Mike Veon, the Bonusgate scandal is now up to 22 convictions/guilty pleas. Meanwhile, his colleague Bill DeWeese is scheduled to be sentenced the same day he’s on the primary ballot to … More after the jump

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Sturla Blasts House Republicans for Destructive Agenda

Mike Sturla, whose mustache is second only to Mike Veon, writes a blog! And it’s pretty darn good! We’d love to have him write here on KP… anyway, his latest post is about how much progress House Republicans have made … More after the jump

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Veon Trial Delayed… Again

Oh Mike Veon… mustache of the West, as we like to call him. That’s a name we thought we were done hearing, what with his prior convictions. But nay! He’s also accused of being involved in misdirecting state funds to … More after the jump

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