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America the Segregated

If you read one long form web article this week make it ProPublica’s authoritative piece, by Nikole Hannah-Jones, on segregation in America and the unfulfilled promise of the Fair Housing Act. The article is packed with revealing facts about the political cowardice … More after the jump

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Best endorsement of the 2012 election

From my man Joss Whedon: lets vote for the candidate who is most likely to hasten the zombie apocalypse. “Mitt is ready. He’s not afraid to face a ravening, grasping horde of subhumans, because that’s how he sees poor people already…Lets all embrace the … More after the jump

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You Have No Rights at Work

This election season has done an excellent job of showcasing an important, and little understood, truth about political freedom in the American workplace. In short: There isn’t any, unless you happen to be the boss. Last Sunday, In These Times’ Mike Elk … More after the jump

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Asher Picks His Horse, and Its Name is Romney

From PoliticsPA: Asher has been one of Pa.’s RNC committee members for over two decades. An influential donor, his support is seen as key in the state – particularly his home base in southeast Pa. In a statement from the … More after the jump

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Q-Poll: Obama’s Numbers Slipping in PA

The President’s poll numbers are slipping, according to the latest poll from Quinnipiac University. His approval rating stands at 43 percent, although that tops both Republicans and Democrats in Congress. No surprise there – people hate Congress more than ever … More after the jump

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[VIDEO] Allentown Mayor Blasts Mitt Romney For Smack Talk

Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski isn’t so happy with Mitt Romney talking smack on the Queen City. (Smack talk – that’s what the kids call it, right?) Anyway, here he is on the Ed Show, which, amazingly, is a thing.

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Romney’s Ridiculous Accusation on Allentown’s Economy

Before Barack Obama came along, Allentown was doing just fine. Low crime, livable streets, copious good jobs for all. Utopia. Along comes Obama and his gubmint meddling and, well, you draw your own conclusions. At least that’s what Mitt Romney … More after the jump

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Dan Aykroyd Easily Tops Romney Crowd Size in Allentown

Susan Koomar: Romney’s feisty remarks drew a smattering of applause from a few dozen onlookers. Across town, a much bigger crowd waited in line to buy expensive vodka and meet movie star Dan Aykroyd during an event at a liquor … More after the jump

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