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Balkanized Local Government and Political Inequality

All of you who are concerned about growing inequality in Pennsylvania really must read Cities Without Suburbs and Little Boxes, Limited Horizons (PDF) by David Rusk. But in the meantime, you should read this pair of articles in Governing magazine, … More after the jump

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Camden City Council Moves Forward With Police Regionalization

Not sure who is reading this blog and caring about this, but for the sake of consistency, here is the latest update on the move to replace the Camden city police force with a County police force – something PA Counties really … More after the jump

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High Inequality Within US Metros Calls for Regional Tax Bases

Everybody knows that having a national fiscal union means that some US states are “makers” and other states are “takers.” PA is a “maker” state, whose residents pay more federal taxes than they get back in public goods and services. … More after the jump

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What Is the Best Solution to PA’s Balkanized Local Government Problem?

Great article from Anthony Wood in the Inquirer on Colwyn and other tiny PA towns that are too small to support a government. As I’ve been arguing here frequently, local governments should be focused on cutting budgets through service sharing … More after the jump

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No, Camden County Police Initiative Is Not “Union-Busting”

Right now, the city of Camden cannot afford to employ enough police officers to maintain public order and enforce its laws. Camden is a very poor city, and raising taxes enough to hire a bunch of new police officers is … More after the jump

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Progress in Dauphin County on Regional Policing

David Dunkle reports on a novel initiative in Dauphin County to send police officers to where the crime is happening, regardless of which municipality they happen to work for. Harrisburg residents should not be surprised this weekend if they see … More after the jump

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Ohio Municipal Consolidation: The Game!

Chris Briem sends us to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, who have created a fun map tool* that you can use to combine Cuyahoga County’s 59 municipalities into a more manageable 13. This looks like an adorable problem when compared to the complete mess that is PA municipal … More after the jump

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Corbett Will Stop Sharing State Police Fine Revenue With Moocher Townships

Patrick Lester at the Morning Call says Tom Corbett’s budget will stop sharing fine revenue with townships who mooch off the state police instead of having a local force:

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The “5K” Plan for Municipal Consolidation

What if Harrisburg passed a law stating that only political jurisdictions with 5000 people or more will be recognized as legal municipalities after 2015?

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Delaware County, Not Harrisburg, Should Take Over Chester-Upland SD

Chester-Upland School District, one of the poorest in the state, is rapidly running out of cash, and will not be able to make payroll unless the state fronts them $18.7 million in expected funding.

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