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#PAGov: The Statistical Reason Tom Wolf Will Likely Be the Democratic Nominee

On the heels of the most recent F&M poll, Tom Wolf has maintained his large lead over all other Democratic challengers, particularly when including leaners: What’s more, Wolf’s support doesn’t seem very soft. It remains statistically identical¬†when you filter out … More after the jump

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#PAGov: Marijuana is Pennsylvania Voters’ 15th Issue, Right Above “Other”

About a month ago, I got a lot of pushback from John Hanger supporters on my article, “Marijuana Is Not the #1 Issue.” 129 comments later, Hanger fans were extremely certain that it was in fact a¬†major issue for Pennsylvania … More after the jump

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#PA6 Poll: Jim Gerlach Losing to Democratic Challenger

PPP is at it again: The Democratic pollster dropped some more numbers today that is more bad news for Republican incumbents in non-safe districts. Since they already proved that Pat Meehan (R, PA-7) and Mike Fitzpatrick (R, PA-8) are in … More after the jump

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#PA7, #PA8 Poll: Meehan, Fitzpatrick Both Losing to Democratic Challengers

A new PPP poll was released today showing very poor numbers for both PA-7 representative Pat Meehan (R) and PA-8 representative Mike Fitzpatrick (R). This comes off the heals of the two of them, despite some of their rhetoric, taking … More after the jump

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Corbett’s Poll Numbers Continue to Sag

Governor Corbett’s poll numbers continue to hover in the upper 30’s, leading some to question whether PA voters are feeling some voter’s remorse, or whether economic conditions are dragging down an otherwise-popular governor. The biggest issues? Nobody wants him to … More after the jump

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Only 43% Think Obama Deserves Second Term

A new poll says that well under 50% of Pennsylvanians think President Obama deserves a second term. Conducted by Susquehanna Polling (a Republican-leaning firm), the results show that only 43% believe Obama should continue to be president, while 50% favor … More after the jump

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