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Sorry Spanish Speakers

The Spanish language site for Pennsylvania’s new voter ID law, Votes PA is down, for a second day. Meanwhile there is still no statement from Governor Corbett, or anyone else in the governors office. There is also no statement from … More after the jump

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Would [New] Library IDs Satisfy PA Voter ID Law?

As I’m sure already know, you now need a non-expired photo ID to vote this November in the state of Pennsylvania. What types of ID are accepted, you ask? US Government (Passport) Commonwealth of PA (DL or ID Card) Licensed … More after the jump

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State Senate Will Address Voter ID Bill

We’ve talked about the abhorrant Voter ID bill before. If you’ll recall, the bill would require anyone who votes to show a photo ID at the poll to prevent voter fraud. The problems with this are many: It’s a solution … More after the jump

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Voter ID Bill Will Hit Transgender Community Hard

Daryl Metcalfe’s Voter ID bill, which we’ve detailed as being a solution in search of a problem, and more accurately as a Republican effort to disenfranchise Democratic voters, also adversely affects the transgender community. How? It’s tough enough right now … More after the jump

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Voter ID Bill Close to Becoming Law

Pennsylvania’s voter ID bill continues to work its way through the legislature. Despite the innocent exhortations of Republicans, the bill is designed solely to suppress non-Republican votes. Studies show that up to 12% of eligible voters do not have a … More after the jump

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Sturla Blasts House Republicans for Destructive Agenda

Mike Sturla, whose mustache is second only to Mike Veon, writes a blog! And it’s pretty darn good! We’d love to have him write here on KP… anyway, his latest post is about how much progress House Republicans have made … More after the jump

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